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"Don't believe the misleading attacks against Al Muratsuchi. As a former Deputy Attorney General and State Assemblymember, he fought hard to protect children in the classroom. I'm glad to endorse him for State Assembly."

— Governor Jerry Brown

"Don’t believe the negative attacks against Al Muratsuchi. He wrote laws to protect our kids and fund our schools—laws I was proud to sign."

— Governor Jerry Brown

“Throughout my career I’ve prosecuted some of the worst offenses, including sex crimes against children and the trafficking of human beings. That’s why I am so disturbed by Republican David Hadley’s Trump-like smears.

Hadley's political attacks aren’t just false and beyond the pale—they do an extreme disservice to the victims of these heinous crimes. Voters must reject this cynicism and elect Al Muratsuchi to the Assembly on November 8th. I know Al’s work firsthand—he’s the leader we need in Sacramento to fight for our families and keep our children safe.”

— Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

"Sacramento politician David Hadley will say and do anything to get elected."

— Craig Shiosaki, Torrance Police Officers Association

“Al Muratsuchi is a true environmental leader who makes real progress in cleaning our air, water, and beaches.

It’s easy to talk about being “green,” but Al Muratsuchi gets things done, like funding to protect our coast, opposing oil drilling in residential neighborhoods, and standing up to polluters who would poison our water, air, and beaches.

Deputy Attorney General Al Muratsuchi is the real deal – a committed public servant focused on getting things done and protecting our community. We need more leaders like him in the Assembly.”

— Kathryn Phillips, Director Sierra Club California

“There is only one candidate for Assembly we trust to stand up to polluters and oil companies – and that’s Deputy Attorney General Al Muratsuchi.”

"He refuses any contributions from the oil companies, and is the only candidate with the record and the courage to stand up to the oil companies and polluters to protect our air, water, and beaches."

— Sarah Rose, California League of California Voters