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Al Muratsuchi wrote laws that helped bring thousands of good aerospace and other jobs in California. In the Assembly he will continue the work of fighting for jobs, job training, and the kind of economic investments that create good paying jobs in the South Bay. That’s why he was named Legislator of the Year by the California Solar Energy Industries Association and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, and that’s why he’s supported by the California Small Business Association.

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I’ve helped restore billions in funding for public schools and higher education that had been cut during the recession.

  • This year, I authored legislation to increase funding across the board for schools. Districts would benefit from increased investments to public education for a variety of purposes, including scaling up high school programs to offer a full range of college and career preparation options; additional support for special education; securing additional support for special education and English language learners; providing a broad range of professional development opportunities for new and veteran teachers; and implementing other strategies designed to enhance student achievement and close the achievement gap.
  • Championed $74.5 billion in K-12 Education spending in this year’s budget.
  • Fought for an increase of $50M to After School and Education Safety Program to increase provider reimbursement rates to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble.
  • Received the Shining Star Award from the Southern California Regional Occupational Center for my efforts to save career technical education programs.
  • Last year I worked with Governor Brown to secure $10 million in the state budget to save SoCalROC and its valuable job training programs.

Local classroom teachers
California Teachers Association
California School Employees Association

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Police officers and firefighters support Al Muratsuchi for Assembly. Al is a career prosecutor who will crack down on crime and protect our children, families, and neighborhoods. He will put the safety of our communities first – and ensure our first responders have the tools and support they need to protect our community.

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I have always stood up for clean air and safe water for the South Bay.

  • This year, I’m standing up to President Trump’s plan to drill off the South Bay Coast. My bill would give California’s State Lands Commission more oversight on current oil drilling leases and prohibit any new offshore drilling.
  • I supported bills that will reduce the amount of microplastics in our drinking water and in the waste stream.
  • I supported the 100 Percent Clean Energy Act of 2017, which creates the policy of planning to meet all of the state's retail electricity supply with a mix of renewable and zero-carbon resources by December 31, 2045.
  • On behalf of the City of Gardena, I sponsored an audit of the stormwater permits – we need to ensure that our cities near the coast are not on the hook for all the costs of cleaning up stormwater. That cost should be shared with inland communities as well.

Sierra Club California
League of Conservation Voters
California Environmental Justice Alliance

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Al Muratsuchi has called for greater oversight of the Torrance Refining Company and has created a detailed, six-point refinery safety plan to help keep families in Torrance safe. This plan includes a ban of modified hydrofluoric acid, real-time air quality monitors, a community disaster preparedness plan and an effective alarm system that can warn residents of any emissions.

Al Muratsuchi’s Six-Point Refinery Safety plan:

  1. Ban the use of highly toxic modified hydrofluoric acid. Work with the Torrance refinery, refinery workers, and the City of Torrance to transition to safer alternative technology.
  2. Install real-time air quality monitors surrounding the Torrance Refinery and provide real-time data to South Bay residents to monitor toxic chemicals and emissions.
  3. Install and regularly test an effective alarm system capable of warning South Bay residents of accidents or potentially harmful events at the Torrance Refinery.
  4. Update the Community Disaster Preparedness Plan to include a potential modified hydrofluoric acid release, and ensure that local schools, hospitals, elderly care facilities, playing fields, and other areas where people congregate regularly review and practice the plan. Educate local residents on the dangers of modified hydrofluoric acid and how to deal with a release.
  5. Form a Torrance Refinery community advisory panel to focus on disaster preparedness, community education, and resident input and concerns.
  6. Work with the Torrance Refinery, refinery workers, and City of Torrance to ensure that the jobs and economic benefits of the refinery continue to benefit Torrance and the South Bay.

Making the Torrance Refinery Safer

Last year, I successfully worked to make the Torrance Refinery safer for neighbors and workers. I am proud to have:

  • Established air quality monitoring at fenceline and in the community, paid for by the refinery
  • Created a community alarms and alerts program to alert the community in the event of an emergency
  • Established a state-wide refinery safety task force to bring all the various entities who regulate refineries together to streamline regulatory processes and ensure that agencies are sharing information.

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I’ve made it a top priority to get disabled and homeless veterans the services they need.

  • Authored bill last year to provide free legal services to veterans and, this year, authored legislation to increase the number of veteran-owned businesses that can qualify for bid preference with the County of Los Angeles.
  • Supported legislation that provides all disabled veterans in state service, regardless of the date of hire, with additional sick leave to use in the medical treatment of their service-related disability.
  • In this year’s budget, I voted to help address the mental health needs of California’s veterans by increasing funding for ongoing Mental Health Services Fund to the California Department of Veterans Affairs to increase access to mental health services for veterans.
I earned the Legislator of the Year award from AM VETS, which represents the nation’s veterans.
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As a prosecutor and former Deputy Attorney General, I’m committed to the safety of our neighborhoods.

I voted against letting criminals out of prison early. I have voted to crack down on criminals who use guns and on sex traffickers. Recently, I opposed further changes to public safety laws which would have reduced sentences for violent offenders.

  • Joint Author of AB 2888 (Ting, Muratsuchi, Reyes) which strengthens the state’s Gun Violence Restraining Order process to keep guns away from individuals who pose a serious threat to themselves or others.
  • Co-authored SB 1054 (Hertzberg) which provides that no person arrested for a sex offense could be released pre-arraignment.
  • Co-authored AB 1065 (Jones-Sawyer) which creates the crime of organized retail theft. Expands jurisdiction to prosecute cases of theft or receipt of stolen merchandise.
  • Secured $10M in this year’s budget to fund a new public safety training center at El Camino Community College which will train firefighters, police, other first responders, and airport security personnel. It will allow for new jobs to be trained in the South Bay.
  • Named Legislator of the Year by California’s Police Chiefs for 2017.

California Police Chiefs
California Association of Highway Patrolmen
Association of Los Angeles
Deputy Sheriffs Los Angeles Police Protective League

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I’ve been one of the most effective legislators in California when it comes to creating new jobs.

My work to cut red tape, and support the solar and aerospace industries, have created thousands of local jobs.

This year, I authored legislation to create a Commission on Aerospace which would advise the Governor and Legislature on issues of importance to the business community – focusing on business climate, workforce development, and new technologies.

Additionally, I wrote a bill that would create a new category of companies (microbusiness) which have a total annual income of $150,000 or less and would lower the annual minimum franchise tax for these companies from $700 a year to $100. This reduction will give real fiscal relief to owners of small businesses.

I also secured funding in this year’s budget to help small business owners “green” their businesses through the California Green Business Network.

California Small Business Association