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Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred -- who represents women alleging attacks by Bill Cosby -- was a star figure Tuesday at a rally outside the Rancho Palos Verdes Trump National Golf Course, where she slammed the GOP presidential candidate as a "real and present danger" to American women in the workplace.

"I have never seen a candidate for President who seems to revel so blatantly in denigrating women,''' said Allred, who was joined other women's leaders, including attorney Sandra Fluke, in a rally to support 66th Assembly District Democratic candidate Al Muratsuchi in his race against Republican incumbent David Hadley. "If Mr. Trump were to be elected president, he would be the employer of the largest workforce in the country,'' the federal government, she said. The message would be that "sexual harassment in the workplace would be acceptable...thereby creating and condoning a hostile workplace."

Allred said that on TMZ, Trump suggested she "would be very very impressed" with the size of his penis. "No, Donald, I wouldn't,'' she said. "What would impress me would be Hillary Clinton in the White House."