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Contact: Kerry Townsend Jacob, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 310-806-0893

“My opponent, Republican Assemblyman David Hadley, is campaigning like his party’s Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, with ridiculous, fear-mongering lies about my coauthoring AB 375, a 2013 bill, that supposedly allows pedophiles in classrooms.

You want the truth? You can Google "AB 375 Los Angeles Times".

According to the Times editorial of April 7, 2013, AB 375 "would help streamline the tortuous procedure for getting rid of the state's worst teachers." The editorial declares, "[AB 375] could become one of the state's most important and overdue education reforms in more than a decade."

The California State PTA also supported AB 375. The PTA's November 2013 Sacramento Update states, "California State PTA supported this bill because it represented an improvement over the present system that allows for cases of teacher misconduct to stretch on and on extending months or even years before being resolved."

In addition to the LA Times and the California State PTA, Crime Victims United and the Child Abuse Prevention Council also supported AB 375.

Craig Shiosaki of the Torrance Police Officers Association said ‘Hadley is using victims of sexual abuse to advance his own political career.’

Unfortunately, my shameless, fear-mongering opponent will say and do anything to get elected.

Help me fight back against the lies. Vote November 8.”