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Says Al Muratsuchi will stand up to oil companies in Sacramento and help keep families who live near the Torrance Refining Company safe

CONTACT: Kerry Townsend Jacob, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 310-806-0893

Torrance, CA - Al Muratsuchi’s campaign to retake the 66th Assembly District seat continues to gain momentum as Families Lobbying Against Refinery Exposures (FLARE), an organization created to protect “the South Bay from the Torrance refinery,” endorses him in his bid to represent the South Bay. 

“FLARE is proud to endorse Al Muratsuchi for Assembly.  The South Bay needs a strong leader in the Assembly who will work hard to keep the families and children who live near and around the Torrance Refining Company safe.  We know Al will stand up to the oil companies to implement needed regulations and oversight on the refinery.  Al Muratsuchi is the kind of leader we need in Sacramento,” says Catherine Leys, Co-Founder of FLARE.

"Al Muratsuchi went out of his way to reach out to FLARE to help communicate the information about the refinery restart when other officials (the City, ExxonMobil, our state legislators) were originally unwilling to disseminate any information into the community.  We appreciate that he and his family live and breathe this air here in South Bay and know how important it is to fight to keep it safe.  We need his leadership back in Sacramento,” says Maureen Mauk, co-founder of FLARE. 

FLARE was created to ensure that the Torrance Refining Company operates at its optimal safety levels.  Two mothers, who lived in Torrance and were concerned about the safety of their community and their children, founded the organization. Since that time it has grown, and has become instrumental in raising awareness of the refinery’s safety issues.

Muratsuchi represented the 66th Assembly District from 2012 to 2014, and is widely considered the number one priority and opportunity for state Assembly leadership to regain a Democratic seat.  Muratsuchi has lived in the South Bay for the past twenty years with his wife and daughter. He is a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, a former Torrance School Board member, and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and UCLA School of Law.