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But the truth? David Hadley is actually speaking to voters with “intellectual dishonesty.”

Here are examples:

  • Accusing Al Muratsuchi of making it more difficult to fire teachers who molest students and using pictures of children being dragged into the darkness by rapists.

TRUTH: Al Muratsuchi co-authored a bill to streamline firing of bad teachers, a bill endorsed by the L.A. Times and Crime Victims United. He cares about teachers and students, and the bill would have made it easier to fire teachers accused of improper behavior.

  • Sending mail to voters saying “Liar Al Muratsuchi takes big oil money” with a picture of Al Muratsuchi’s face in a puddle of oil

TRUTH: Al Muratsuchi refuses to take oil money, has never taken oil money and stood up to oil companies when they tried to drill in Hermosa Beach. Hadley has taken over $50,000 from oil interests.

  • Attacking Al Muratsuchi on television and in the mail for “gutting prop 13 for homeowners,” when in fact Al Muratsuchi never did a thing.

TRUTH: Al Muratsuchi voted for a bill to allow cities to pass bonds to rebuild sidewalks, streets, and other critical infrastructure with a 55% vote. The bill was endorsed by the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and the L.A. County Business Federation, among others.

  • Claiming he voted for the largest increase in education funding in history, when he did just the opposite. He bases this on voting for the “trailer bills” which directed how the funding should be spent, which is ironic since he voted against giving the schools the money in the first place.

TRUTH: Hadley voted against the two education budgets, $101 billion in funding for California public schools, on a straight Republican party line vote.

  • Claiming he doesn’t support Trump when he refuses to denounce him.

TRUTH: The truth is that he has not forcefully denounced Trump or called on him to quit the race, as many others in his party have done. All he has said is that he will not vote. In other words, refuse to take a stand, like he has done many times before in Sacramento. After all, this is the Donald Trump who was found on tape recently talking favorably about sexual assault. The same Donald Trump who has advocated building a wall and even supported criminal penalties for abortions.

Hadley is not honest. He is not respectful. He will lie and distort and say anything to get elected.

“Sacramento Politician David Hadley will say and do anything to get elected”
-Craig Shiosaki, Torrance Police Officers Association