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Speaks about plan to create jobs, how to keep Torrance oil refinery safe, support of Proposition 13 and Climate Change legislation

CONTACT: Kerry Townsend Jacob, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 310-806-0893

Torrance, CA – Tonight, Al Muratsuchi, candidate for Assembly for the 66th District, participated in the League of Women Voters’ forum at Toyota Hall in Torrance.  He spoke about many issues, including his plan to bring and create jobs for the South Bay, how he will keep the Torrance oil refinery safe for the people of Torrance and his support of Proposition 13.  He also spoke about his support of climate change legislation and a statewide ban on fracking. 

“I am proud of my record in bringing jobs to the South Bay, especially in the area of aerospace.  I chaired the Assembly Aerospace committee, and as the chairman of that committee I introduced two bills that were signed into law.  One, AB777, was a bill that provided taxes as an incentive to keep private space exploration companies like SpaceX in the state in California.  This came after my visit to SpaceX. They were talking about leaving California for Texas. I obviously did not want that to happen, and wanted to encourage and help to grow one of the most exciting companies in the Southern California and the South Bay to grow.  I was able to get that signed into law.  SpaceX has now grown to over four thousand manufacturing jobs.  I also proud to have co-authored a bill that provided tax incentives that helped Northrop Grumman land the biggest Aerospace contract in decades that will bring over 5,500 thousand of jobs to Southern California.  These bills are job creator bills that I am proud to have offered and signed into law.”

“I support Proposition 13.  As a homeowner, I support Prop 13 to keep property taxes low and to protect homeowners, especially seniors.  As a state Assemblymember, I have a voting record of defending Prop 13, and voted to protect prop 13.  I did not vote as an Assemblymember for a single tax increase. “

“When the explosion happened in 2015, my wife, myself and my daughter lived less than two miles from the refinery. This is a personal issue for me, and I joined forces with many of the local community folks to address the issue of the Torrance refinery.  I recognize that the Torrance Refinery is an important part of the Torrance and South Bay economy.  I have no intention of shutting down the refinery because I know it provides hundreds of jobs and is a significant source of revenue for the city or Torrance.  But what I will fight for is a safer refinery.  We need to ban modified hydrofluoric acid.  I was the first candidate to call for a ban of it.  The grassroots organizations have really taken the lead, and I have been working with them to develop a six-point refinery safety plan.  It has been almost two years since the explosion. What has been done?  We need to do more.”

“I am very proud of the fact that California leads our nation and the world in the fight against man- made climate change.  Human caused climate change is one of the greatest threats facing not only America but everyone who lives on this planet.  California is leading the way, in both the country and the world, in addressing this urgent issue.  I am committed to addressing greenhouse gas reduction for my daughter, for our children and for the future of our planet.”

Muratsuchi represented the 66th Assembly District from 2012 to 2014, and is widely considered the number one priority and opportunity for state Assembly leadership to regain a Democratic seat.  Muratsuchi has lived in the South Bay for the past twenty years with his wife and daughter. He is a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, a former Torrance School Board member, and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and UCLA School of Law.