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By not denouncing statement, Hadley proves again that he agrees with Trump

CONTACT: Kerry Townsend Jacob, 310-806-0893

Torrance, CA – So here we are again. Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump makes yet another outrageous statement, this time saying that he will only accept the outcome of the presidential election if he wins. And, of course, predictably, Assemblymember David Hadley has once again refused to denounce him and this latest statement, which makes it appear once again that he agrees with his party’s presidential nominee.

Al Muratsuchi, candidate for Assembly for the 66th District, on the other hand, is the only candidate for Assembly denouncing trump's dangerous comments.

"It is outrageous and shocking that the standard bearer of the Republican Party would even consider rejecting our fundamental Democratic traditions of peaceful transfer of office," said Muratsuchi. "I wholeheartedly condemn Donald Trump's refusal to say he will accept the outcome of our Presidential election if it does not go his way. His comments undermine not only the legitimacy of our electoral process but also the health of our republic. I know better than most the result of a close and contested election, but I respect our Democratic process enough to accept the outcome."

So why won’t Hadley denounce Trump’s statement, as well? Because, as we all know, he is just too much like Trump.

“Radio silence is all we are hearing from the David Hadley for Assembly campaign today. Even after his party’s presidential nominee wants to pretend like we live in an autocracy rather than the greatest Democracy of the world, Hadley still won’t denounce Trump. Well, that silence is deafening. Because what he is really saying is that he just agrees too much with Trump to come out strongly against him. In other words, he really isn’t any kind of moderate or independent, he is an extremist just like Trump,” said Mike Shimpock, campaign consultant.

Hadley’s refusal to denounce Trump’s latest comments is just another example of how out-of-touch he is with this moderate, bipartisan district:

  • Repeatedly voted against funding for our schools
  • Voted in lockstep with his extremist Republican colleagues against laws to protect our beaches and air from pollution and oil spills
  • Refused to support “one person, one vote” protections for voters
  • Took $25,000 from the oil companies and opposed clean air regulations
  • Voted with Republicans to cut Health Insurance for children
  • Opposed health care funding for patients suffering from AIDS/HIV

Republican David Hadley was elected by a 0.5% margin in the lowest turnout election in recorded California history with the aid of nearly $1 million in donations from a single billionaire, and has repeatedly voted against the interests of his moderate, bipartisan district.