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Charles Munger Jr.’s Spirit of Democracy California, an IE currently involved in an FPPC investigation for illegal “coordination” with Hadley’s campaign, spends over $1 million, along with thousands from Howard Ahmanson who backed Prop 8

CONTACT: Kerry Townsend Jacob, 310-806-0893

Torrance, CA – Republican Assemblyman David Hadley’s various Independent Expenditure groups have been busy this month trying to keep him in office. Groups like Charles Munger Jr.’s “Spirit of Democracy California”, the Walton family’s “Parents and Teachers for Student Success”, Gerald Marcil’s “South Bay Residents For Better Schools & Jobs” as well as businessman Bill Bloomfield spent more than $1.6 million in just the month of October. Christian conservative Howard F. Ahmanson, one of the prominent backers of Prop 8, also contributed over $25,000.

Munger’s Spirit of Democracy, which is part of a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) investigation along with the David Hadley for Assembly campaign for illegal “coordination” between the two parties, spent over $1 million alone in October.

“Oil money and school choice advocates are spending millions of dollars in this race to keep their friend Hadley in office, sending nasty, negative mailers filled with lies nearly every day to thousands of voters in the South Bay,” said Mike Shimpock, campaign consultant. “Now, we find out that one of his buddy IEs has been illegally coordinating with the Hadley campaign. And, what’s more, instead of following the law and abiding by the rules of the investigation, Hadley has been stonewalling and only handing over evidence to avoid going to court."

Muratsuchi represented the 66th Assembly District from 2012 to 2014, and is widely considered the number one priority and opportunity for state Assembly leadership to regain a Democratic seat. Muratsuchi has lived in the South Bay for the past twenty years with his wife and daughter. He is a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, a former Torrance School Board member, and a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and UCLA School of Law.