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Torrance, CA – Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) is proud to announce the endorsement of SameSide, a platform for grassroots political engagement through fun experiences in music, arts & culture, in their California voter guide. Their California Voter guide is a comprehensive overview of how progressives in the state can vote in the upcoming midterms for propositions, judges and statewide and local officials.

"I am thankful for the endorsement of SameSide. In times such as these, when Trump keeps trying to chip away at all of the progressive policies that we need to protect the future for our children, including climate change, gun control, reproductive rights and human rights, we need to stay vigilant. SameSide recognizes that and works to empower young people to keep fighting,” said Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi.

"SameSide recognizes the unprecedented times we live in, where so many progressive ideals that we as young people value are under attack. Policies such as sensible gun solutions, fighting climate change, reproductive rights, equal pay, and equal access to education are imperative to creating a future attainable for all. We are proud to endorse Al Muratsuchi," said SameSide Co-Founder and South Bay native Nicole Legacki àBeckett