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Takes money from company responsible for Richmond California refinery explosion


Contact: Mike Shimpock, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Today the Federal government will hold a meeting in the South Bay detailing safety violations at the ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance, violations that could have resulted in the deaths and illness of hundreds of thousands of South Bay residents. The refinery and its parent company are accused of ignoring federal subpoenas, hiding safety and health violations, and placing the communities surrounding the refinery at deadly risk through the continued use of highly toxic and deadly Modified Hydrofluoric Acid.

Also today, David Hadley, the Assemblymember whose district the refinery is located, bragged about his huge haul of campaign donations from oil companies, including ones responsible for a release of toxins that sickened over 15,000 people.

Hadley took more than $25,000 from oil and energy companies, including Chevron, whose Richmond refinery explosion in which 15,000 surrounding people to seek treatment at local hospitals, and the Independent Petroleum Association, funded by E&B Oil, the company behind the residential oil drilling proposal in Hermosa Beach.

“I’ll stand up to the oil companies and hold them accountable for putting our neighborhoods in danger,” said Al Muratsuchi, former Assemblymember for the district. “I’ve called for a ban on dangerous and harmful chemicals like Modified Hydrofluoric Acid, and I think the health and safety of residents in the South Bay is more important than maximizing oil company profits.”

Muratsuchi has publicly called upon ExxonMobil to stop using the dangerous chemical Modified Hydrofluoric Acid, and called for state legislation doing the same if they refuse.

Hadley has refused to take a position on the matter, and refused to publicly repudiate ExxonMobil’s poor safety practices and systematic record of putting surrounding communities at unreasonable risk.

“Hadley is in the pockets of the oil companies. He is sending a message about who his true allies are by revealing his extensive support from oil companies on the same day the federal government is trying to hold one of those companies accountable,” said Mike Shimpock, a spokesperson for Muratsuchi. “Hadley puts the interests and profits of oil companies above the safety of South Bay communities.”

"We can count on Al to continue to work hard to defend our communities from the special interests of the oil industry. Al has worked tirelessly to protect the South Bay and has always put the safety of the residents over the profits of the oil companies," said Stacey Armato, a leader in the fight against residential oil drilling in Hermosa and former chairperson of Stop Hermosa Beach Oil.

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