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Said David Hadley refuses to take a stand against Donald Trump because he shares his values

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Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – Today, at a rally near Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, which falls in the 66th Assembly District, Al Muratsuchi, Candidate for Assembly in the 66th District, Congressman Ted Lieu, Eric Bauman, the Los Angeles County Democratic chairman, teachers and activists, all called on Assemblyman David Hadley to take a stand against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hadley recently chose to repeat his pattern of indecision and lack of leadership by announcing that he won’t vote in the Presidential election. The speakers also pointed out the shared values between Donald Trump and David Hadley, as outlined on

The event was broadcast on Facebook live, which can still be viewed here:

“The South Bay deserves a leader who is not going to stay on the sidelines with his finger in the wind, trying to figure out what to do in this historic election. I’m here, with all of you, to clearly and in no uncertain terms denounce Donald Trump. And I am here to support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hillary is the best candidate to lead our country,” Muratsuchi said.

Bauman said Hadley is refusing to make a decision because he actually agrees with Donald Trump on many issues.

“If Hadley was the moderate, independent as he claims he is, he would have no problem voting for Hillary Clinton. But the real truth is that he isn’t an independent. He is an extremist who agrees with many of the political positions of Trump – from the environment to reproductive choice, and many more.”

Congressman Lieu spoke about the dangers that Trump poses to the nation.

“By not voting in this election, Hadley is putting our nation at risk. Trump has called Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama the founders of ISIS and cozied up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sitting out this election will help elect Donald Trump. We must protect our country and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Hadley’s failure to take a real stand in the Presidential race is just another example of how out-of-touch he is with this moderate, bipartisan district:

  • Repeatedly voted against funding for our schools
  • Voted in lockstep with his extremist Republican colleagues against laws to protect our beaches and air from pollution and oil spills
  • Refused to support “one person, one vote” protections for voters
  • Took $25,000 from the oil companies and opposed clean air regulations
  • Voted with Republicans to cut Health Insurance for children
  • Opposed health care funding for patients suffering from AIDS/HIV

Republican David Hadley was elected by a 0.5% margin in the lowest turnout election in recorded California history with the aid of nearly $1 million in donations from a single billionaire, and has repeatedly voted against the interests of his moderate, bipartisan district.