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Says David Hadley put future of our children at risk by voting against measure

Mike Shimpock, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Torrance, CA - Al Muratsuchi, candidate for Assembly for the 66th District, praised the Assembly for passing groundbreaking bill SB 32 to further fight global climate change in California. The bill, which sets the greenhouse gas emissions target to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, continues California’s great history as a leader in clean energy and the environment. The bill, which also passed through the State Senate and is expected to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown, was opposed by the oil industry.

So if the oil industry opposes SB 32, there is definitely one member who opposes it as well: South Bay’s Assemblyman David Hadley, who happened to take a maximum donor contribution from oil company Koch Industries just last week and then voted against the bill.

“I applaud the Assembly, the Senate and Governor Brown for passing this important piece of legislation, which will help to protect our children’s future,” says Muratsuchi. “But David Hadley has once again shown his true priority: the oil industry. His no vote shows that he cares more about his oil company cronies than the families and the children of the South Bay. Preserving the environment, the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink is of the upmost importance to the people in the 66th District and this week he showed just how little he cares about that.”

Hadley has repeatedly put the interests of his oil company donors ahead of the safety and health of his constituents, even going so far as to publicly brag about removing landmark petroleum reduction targets from the historic environmental bill SB350.

Hadley’s failure to vote for SB 32 is just another example of how out-of-touch he is with this moderate, bipartisan district:

  • Repeatedly voted against funding for our schools
  • Voted in lockstep with his extremist Republican colleagues against laws to protect our beaches and air from pollution and oil spills
  • Refused to support “one person, one vote” protections for voters
  • Took $25,000 from the oil companies and opposed clean air regulations
  • Voted with Republicans to cut Health Insurance for children
  • Opposed health care funding for patients suffering from AIDS/HIV

Republican David Hadley was elected by a 0.5% margin in the lowest turnout election in recorded California history with the aid of nearly $1 million in donations from a single billionaire, and has repeatedly voted against the interests of his moderate, bipartisan district.

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