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Dozens of local elected officials unwittingly added onto sleazy political hit piece

Republican David Hadley uses local officials as human shields in his outrageous false attacks on Al Muratsuchi, Candidate for Assembly for the 66th District

Contact: Mike Shimpock, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In an outrageous political smear, Republican Assemblyman David Hadley resurrected a discredited and sensationalist attack against his opponent Al Muratsuchi.

The mailer used a faked newspaper article and selectively edited quotes ridiculously accusing Deputy Attorney General and former criminal prosecutor Muratsuchi of supporting pedophiles.

But Hadley also dragged local elected officials into his false smear, including leaders like Torrance School Board member Mike Wermers, who has endorsed Al Muratsuchi as well as David Hadley, and Supervisor Don Knabe.

“It is unprecedented to usurp the reputations of local elected officials to prop up a weak, false, and ridiculous smear like this,” said Mike Shimpock, a political advisor to Muratsuchi. “Do they all support this? Are they aware local police officers said the attack is nothing more than the manipulation of sexual abuse victims to further David Hadley’s career? Are they aware of the sexual abuse survivors standing up to call this attack untrue, disgusting and an insult to those who suffered abuse? Are they willing to vouchsafe Hadley’s doctoring of newspaper stories in the piece?”

“If they don’t denounce this and demand a retraction, they are just as guilty of using sexual abuse victims for political gain as David Hadley,” concluded Shimpock.

Local police officers discredited Hadley’s attack, saying:

“David Hadley is using the victims of sexual abuse to advance his own political career,” said Craig Shiosaki, President of the Torrance Police Officers Association. “Police officers support Deputy Attorney General Al Muratsuchi because of his record of fighting for public safety. Al Muratsuchi is a former criminal prosecutor, as well as a father of a daughter in a South Bay public school. As an Assemblymember, Al wrote a law cracking down on sexual predators in the classroom. Sacramento politician David Hadley will say and do anything to get elected.”

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