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Say Muratsuchi is best choice on reproductive choice, environment and equal pay

CONTACT:  Mike Shimpock, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Torrance, CA – Al Muratsuchi for Assembly for the 66th District is proud to announce the formation of a new group called “Women For Al.”  Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congresswoman Janice Hahn are among dozens of elected officials and district residents who have joined the group to support Al Muratsuchi for Assembly.  Local elected officials include former Manhattan Beach Mayor and City Councilwoman Amy Howorth, Hermosa Beach City Councilmember (and Republican) Stacey Armato, and Terry Ragins, Torrance Unified School District Board Vice President.  

These women agree that Al Muratsuchi will best represent them in Sacramento on issues such as reproductive choice, the environment, job creation, and equal pay.  

“Al Muratsuchi will stand up for us in Sacramento.  He has always stood up for reproductive choice, equal pay, and the protection of the environment.  He will fight for sound regulations at the Torrance oil refinery to protect our families and children.  Al Muratsuchi is the right choice to represent all women in the South Bay,” says Congresswoman Hahn.  

Al Muratsuchi has been endorsed by both the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood, and has a 100% percent rating from Planned Parenthood (PP).  

With his mere 17% rating from PP, Republican Hadley’s record on reproductive choice is just another example of how out-of-touch he is with this moderate, bipartisan district:  

  • Repeatedly voted against funding for our schools
  • Voted in lockstep with his extremist Republican colleagues against laws to protect our beaches and air from pollution and oil spills
  • Refused to support “one person, one vote” protections for voters
  • Took $25,000 from the oil companies and opposed clean air regulations
  • Voted with Republicans to cut Health Insurance for children
  • Opposed health care funding for patients suffering from AIDS/HIV  

Republican David Hadley was elected by a 0.5% margin in the lowest turnout election in recorded California history with the aid of nearly $1 million in donations from a single billionaire, and has repeatedly voted against the interests of his moderate, bipartisan district.