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Hadley busted by state campaign finance watchdogs


Contact: Mike Shimpock, 323-776-9090

Today, state regulators forced David Hadley to return over $40,000 in illegal contributions to his Assembly campaign.

After receiving evidence of illegal laundering of donations and illegal donations in excess of ten times the legal limit, David Hadley’s campaign was forced to refund over $40,000 in contributions to his Assembly campaign.

Hadley set up a fake “Republican Party of Los Angeles County” campaign account, listing his home as its address and himself as its principal officer, and then funneled money from his maxed-out donors and special interests into his Assembly campaign.

Less than 24 hours after being made aware of his illegal actions, the regulatory agency in charge of enforcing California’s campaign finance laws, the Fair Political Practices Commission, demanded that Hadley’s campaign return the illegal donations.

An investigation and penalties are still pending.

“Yet again David Hadley is caught in a financial scandal. First he is fined for violating federal money laundering regulations in his investment banking business,” said Mike Shimpock, spokesperson for Al Muratsuchi’s campaign. “Now, he’s bringing those same shady Wall Street shell games to his Assembly campaign. He was clearly circumventing the law hoping no one noticed. David Hadley doesn’t belong in the Assembly. He’s lucky he’s not in jail.”

Attached is the FPPC letter demanding Hadley refund the contributions. Also attached is a timeline detailing Hadley’s scheme.



Timeline for David Hadley’s illegal campaign contribution scheme, the Republican Party of LA County – 66th AD

5/6/2013: Filed Statement of Organization with the FPPC as a general purpose, state committee. David Hadley is listed as the principal officer.

6/21/2013: Filed Statement of Organization with the FEC. Established as a party committee. The committee address was listed as David Hadley’s home address in Manhattan Beach, CA and the contact email address was This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kimberlee MacMullan was listed as the treasurer.

6/26/2013: The FEC filed an RFAI on the Statement of Organization, seeking to clarify that the Republican Party of LA County – 66th AD is not affiliated with the national or state party structure.

7/11/13: The state Committee filed an LCR indicated a contribution of $4,302 from “Republican 53 ADCC”, a similar type of committee.

7/29/2013: The federal committee filed its first financial report with $62,246.24 in receipts and $50 in disbursements. Most donations were made in amounts of $500 or $1,000. Of note is a $1,000 donation from David Hadley. The disbursements were all administrative, and were allocated with federal and non-federal shares (even though a non-federal committee had not yet been established)

8/20/2013: The committee filed its August monthly report, which included $12,400 in receipts, bringing the cash on hand to $74,587.24.

9/16/13: The FEC filed an RFIA seeking clarification on the committee’s filing schedule (they originally filed as a quarterly reporter, but sent in an August monthly report).

Misc . 2013: The state committee collected a few $1,000 contributions, and their 12/31 report indicated a final COH balance of $9,502.45

1/23/14: The committee filed their year-end report. They had $22,640.71 in receipts and $8,166.06 in disbursements. $5,694.89 of the disbursements were paid 100% federal and were related to an event. $2471.16 in administrative expenses were allocated between federal and state. One allocated expense a $1530 payment to David Hadley as reimbursement for a storage rental. The final cash on hand was $89,025.03

1/23/14: The FEC Form 1 was amended and the treasurer was changed to Thomas Montgomery. The committee still represented itself as a subcommittee of the Republican Party. At some point, the FEC designated the committee as an unaffiliated committee.

4/8/14: The committee filed their April quarterly report with the FEC. There were $6.35 in receipts and $47,497.41 in disbursements with a final cash on hand of $41,533.97. The only 100% federal disbursement was a $750 contribution to the California Republican Party. The allocated disbursements included a $45,000 payment to JFW Cook Corp for “Voter Registration not affiliated with any Federal Candidate”.

7/4/14: The Committee filed their July Quarterly report with the FEC. The committee brought in $7,017.09 dollars in receipts and disbursed $5089.50, leaving a COH balance of $43,461.56.

8/28/14: The federal committee transferred $34,000 to the state committee. On the same day, the state committee made a contribution of $45,000 to David Hadley.

10/2014: The state committee in-kinded postage for David Hadley.